Assay on Wheels® makes selling your precious metals fast, easy and convenient. No need to sort, pack and ship, or transport your metals over long distances.

Our mobile units are able to service artisanal mines in some of the most remote locations.

Come on Board
Bring your metals into our armored van.
Watch your metals as they are weighed then melted in the onboard induction furnace.
Pin Sample
A homogenous sample is pulled from the melted lot using a glass vacuum tube.
Following industry standards a pin sample is analyzed in five locations using an XRF analyzer. The average of these five readings is representative of the entire lot.
Form Ingot
The pin sample is returned to the crucible and all melted material is poured into a mold to form an ingot. The ingot is removed from the mold and placed into our onboard water tank for cooling.
Final Weight
The ingot is dried and placed on a certified scale to determine the exact weight of your ingot. The weight is recorded and the amount of pure precious metal is determined.
The value of the ingot is calculated using current market conditions and payment is arranged. The following payment methods are available (depending on location).
  • Cash
  • Wire
  • Check
  • Pool Account
  • Mobile