Making strides to a better & more responsible gold supply chain.

Assay on Wheels® mobile melting platform is positioned in various mining areas around the world. You can already find us making a difference in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Guinea. Additionally we have several mobile units deployed on standby in other areas such as Peru, Mali, and the United States. We are patent pending in over 90 countries and fully patented in Mongolia, Columbia, Russia, Mexico, Philippines and China. We are continuously outfitting our vehicles with cutting edge ways to address new or existing issues surrounding the gold buying and mining industries.

CEO Chris Noyes at the 10th ICGLR-OECD-UN Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains
AOW has developed proprietary software that can aid governments by providing them with a systematic approach for collecting taxes on their commodities, granting concessions, tracking metals through exports, and giving them remote cloud access to all reporting data through a unique data collection and tracking process. AOW purchases gold inside the country of origin, thus raising the value of local currency and ensuring full tractability of all metals.
AOW can help legitimize artisanal miners by securing proper documentation and producing accurate reporting of metal contents, types, and origins. This service is convenient for ASGM because an assay lab comes directly to the mine site. This added convenience paired with state of the art technology, transparency of the process and immediate payout terms is very attractive.
AOW is steadfast in its efforts to operate efficiently and responsibly both for the environment and human rights. AOW works diligently to be OECD compliant and will not contribute to any mine sites or miners considered to be in conflict areas. AOW returns value to the communities it works with by using a portion of its profits to fund nonprofit organizations, offer better education programs, offer better mining equipment to increase yields, and helping to develop better roads and infrastructure.