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AOW goes directly to the source of metal in secure armored vans with advanced monitoring systems. Trained employees melt before your very eyes ensuring you get the most accurate measurements and highest value for your metals. Payout terms are settled immediately inside the van making AOW the most convenient metal buyer on the market.

We are the most complete solution to hit the precious metals market. AOW can address any issue in today’s growing precious metals industry. AOW is rapidly expanding internationally and in search of dedicated local partners and investors.


With the help of our local partners, AOW is making a difference across the globe by bringing a convenient, data rich, business model directly to artisanal miners. AOW brings formality to a hectic system which benefits both miners and governments and closes the gap for a conflict free precious metal chain of custody. It is AOW’s main goal to help benefit the prosperity of miners and mining communities.

AOW has an in-house developed software package that makes processing, paying and reporting all buys easy and fast. This software enables the collection of important data points beneficial for governments and end buyers. The digital documentation process provides full traceability while ensuring conflict-free gold status.

AOW’s Patents cover operations in various platforms, making it a true plug-and-play business model for any market. Currently, AOW has modified vehicles as well as shipping containers ready to deploy.

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